Work Based Learning

I tried emailing about 10 companies about work experience over Summer and only got two replies.

One of the replies was “we don’t have the facilities to accommodate work experience” and the other was “we don’t have anything right now but we will keep your details if anything comes up”.

Then, my Tutor emailed our class with an advertisement for a part time graphic design assistant. I applied and got an email requesting and interview the next day.

The Interview

The interview was about a week later. It was more like a chat about how confident I felt using the creative programmes, what I will be doing and showing examples of my work.

One of them asked me how would I rate myself on InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop… I said InDesign 8/10, Illustrator 7/10 and Photoshop about 9/10 (I didn’t want to seem too confident and then find that I actually didn’t know everything!)

The only concern that the Marketing manager had was that he needed someone that knows InDesign like the back of their hand. But as I had to teach myself InDesign when I was a Marketing Administrator Apprentice I thought “I can pick up most things quick enough if there is something new to learn!”. But they seemed impressed with my work – I showed them examples of printed work, from when I was an Apprentice, and examples from uni projects during my first year.

After, they explained that I’d be taking over the previous employee’s work (Peter from the 3rd Year), formatting his work and making sure it was ready to print. After that they are planning to do a plumbing catalogue, which I might be able to have a bit of creative control over!

Lastly, Simon (marketing manager) asked me to do a bit of work for him so he could see how I am with InDesign. He got me to do a billboard poster that was already planned out. It took about 20 minutes, what with finding the right images and scaling them, then placing them etc. but at the end he said he was more than happy for me to join their team and we negotiated what days I could do and when I could start.


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