I’m trying to get into other hobbies. I have always loved taking photos. If there’s a bizarre moment on a night out or just an awesome view, I’m always the first to whip my phone out and take a snap shot. Last year I was working full time, as a marketing administrator, so I had saved up a bit of money. I was going on holiday with my friend and decided to buy a proper camera – as it was Rome, I imagined there’d be a lot to capture anyway.

Since then I’ve wanted to use it more and even though the pictures might not be spectacular, I love them because it’s something I have found, something I have captured, on a camera that’s my own.

Now, I just photograph what I can really. I generally find things to capture, whether I have my phone or my camera, I try and capture it.

I would love to incorporate my photography and develop my skills for my final major project. It will show that I can present my ideas through more than one discipline.

 (*My commentary on this entire blog is coloured blue*)

You can find all my current uploaded photos on my Flickr account:



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