I wanted to get involved in some competitions over the Summer, to keep developing my graphic design skills.

UGG competition

I found a competition to design your own UGG boot on the YCN website and thought it was a perfect opportunity.

Office (who organised the competition), had templates available to download – so I just went for it!

Recently, the ombre effect had become quite popular through clothing and hair styles, so I thought.. why not an ombre boot?


I made it grey scale because I thought that’d be the most complimentary colour for most styles.

As of 14th July 2013 I am in 12th place and need to be in the top ten to go through to judging! The waiting is tense but exciting and I can’t wait to see how far I can get.


I got to 3rd place, but sadly I didn’t get the judges votes, so didn’t anything from the competition. It was a good experience and it felt very exhilarating to push my own design work through public appeal. It’s also good to put in my portfolio, so I made this portfolio page:



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