Jutta Rikola: a freelance illustrator from Finland.

“I studied Visual Communication at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences and graduated as Media Artist with a bachelor’s degree in Culture and Art. Since finishing my studies I worked several years as an animator and graphic designer, but after having my baby boy in 2011 I decided to concentrate on my first love, illustration.

I have always loved drawing people. The most important thing in a portrait for me is the expression, the emotion. I’m inspired by seemingly quiet moments where the strength is in the eyes. Things dreamy and magical have always intrigued me.

Other things that inspire me are art, fashion, music, colors, patterns, and especially after having my son, children. I also have a healthy obsession in drawing hair.”


Jutta-Rikola-Bluegirl Jutta-Rikola-littlegirl Jutta-Rikola-Owl Jutta-Rikola-sleepingcutie

– I adore Jutta’s work. The mix of colour against the detailed pencil sketches is so effective and works so well together. I also really liked the owl and the space girl – the owl is so soft due to the thick pencils she’s used but still incredibly detailed, and I love the blue sponge effect of the background for the space girl piece – adding a texture to a pencil sketch and it really brings out the red/orange glow (a good contrast).


This is my response. I can she what she is passionate about, so I decided to edit a picture I’d taken of my cat and use Photoshop to manipulate the effects. It’s like the opposite of the sleeping baby image.


Tara Tucker

-Tara Tucker was another artist I liked. Her sketches are bizarre and quirky but I really like some of them (some are just plain weird though!). The mix between animals and nature compliment each other in a very delicate way. The images of the fish and the rabbit were on Mark’s presentation and I found the rabbits quite surreal, whereas the fish was so soft and feminine – I liked the mix of emotions that were adopted by viewing her work.

Tara-Tucker_Fish Tara-Tucker_Kangaroo Tara-Tucker_Tortoise Tara-Tucker-Rabbits




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