As I originally couldn’t decide between these three choices:

1. Vegetarianism

2. The awareness of rehoming/adopting rescue animals (& stereotypes certain dogs get)

3. Dyslexia

I decided to briefly research all of them and why I chose those topics for a potential project.


I’ve been vegetarian since I was 8 years old. No one ever expects me to be a vegetarian, so I get frequently asked questions like: “why?” and “how long?” and “don’t you miss it?” I don’t mind being asked questions, but it’s the stereotypical jokes, puns, quips, remarks etc. that come along with it.

Being vegetarian is a huge part of my life, so it’d be easy to do a project on the subject. I accept that there are some people who decide they want to rant and rave about the fact they are vegetarian and everyone else should be too, but that’s because of their personality and opinions, not because of their diet. But there are just as many people who despise vegetarians and, to me, that is hating someone for being different, when it shouldn’t even concern anyone else.


The reason I thought about this topic was due to my boyfriend. He’s dealt with dyslexia all his life and he’s very intelligent and creative (he’s just received his degree in Graphic Design and New Media back in July). However, the only issues he has are spelling and some mathematics. He was fired from his first graphic design job for being dyslexic and I think it is appalling. I think it is a great topic for an awareness project.

Rehoming animals/stereotypes

It literally breaks my heart to hear the stories from rescue animals and how much they’ve suffered. I am a real animal lover. I wouldn’t hurt a fly. I’d love to raise awareness on rehoming animals whenever someone thinks of getting a new pet. I also hate the stereotypes that dogs get, I definitely think it’s down to the owner and how they are treated. My boyfriend has an Alsatian and a lot of people avoid him, are scared of him, or give him a concerned look, when in fact he is the most quiet and well behaved dog I have ever met.

I found an article that just shows how wrong someone can be about a dog:

Megan McCormickAug 12, 2013

Baltimore police officer got a call about a ‘vicious’ pit bull and this is what happened next

Officer Dan Waskeiwicz of the Baltimore City Police received a call one day when he was on duty stating that there was a “vicious dog” terrorizing a neighborhood and he needed to help. When he got to the scene, people were yelling at the pit bull as it ran around in a frenzy.

Officer Waskeiwicz writes in his letter to Modified K9:

I followed the dog into an ally to see how it was acting. Going on my own approach, being a dog lover, I got out of my car and called the “vicious dog” over to me. The dog came over with it’s tail between it’s legs and panting. I grabbed my water bottle and the dog sat down next to me and began licking my pants. I started giving the dog water. I brought the dog over and waited for the pound to show up.

via Modified K9

It was then that he decided that he couldn’t bear to see the dog go, knowing it would likely be euthanized.   Dan decided instead to take the dog home himself.  He jumped in the back seat of the cruiser with the “vicious” canine, and it was clear that he’d made the right decision.

Officer Waskiewicz named the dog Bo and introduced him to his other two dogs.  The crew hit it off with no problems.  Bo had shown signs of neglect from his previous home, but he made a speedy recovery.

Dog pic 2 Dog-pic

Officer Waskiewicz even got the Certificate of Appreciation from the Baltimore Humane Society for his efforts! via Baltimore Police Department

Congrats, Dan and Bo!


Vegetarianism was the best choice for me, as it’s part of my lifestyle and it can be quite a fun topic to base a project around. Here are the initial pages from my sketchbook on the topic:

IMG_1800 IMG_1802 IMG_1803 IMG_1805


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