Martin Lambie-Nairn



Lambie-Nairn is a branding agency with over 38 years’ experience of delivering successful branding programmes across a wide range of media. We employ a cross-functional team of strategists, creatives, client services and producers.

We have a range of experts in-house and pride ourselves on building flexible and nimble teams to meet our client’s needs. As part of the WPP network, we have access to unique specialisms with independent experts and facilities from across the globe.

We manage the process from beginning to end and work both on-screen and off-screen, including TV, print, packaging, web and mobile applications. Our specialism in brand guardianship allows us to develop brands which can evolve and develop in a fresh, consistent and engaging way.


He was the founder of his eponymous branding agency Lambie-Nairn & Company and is currently the creative director of branding agency ML-N. His work mainly concentrates on brand identity for television. Martin is acknowledged for having redefined television brand identity design, merging the graphical qualities typical of printed communication, with the range of possibilities offered by the media of television. His philosophy of making complicated things simple, remains a core part of his career, as does balancing commercial imperatives with creativity.

Amongst his most celebrated works are: the original Channel 4 logo and idents created in 1982; the ground-breaking batch of 30+ idents for BBC Two that first aired on February 16, 1991; and the 1997 corporate re-brand for the whole BBC. He, in conjunction with his agency, also created launch packages for certain other BBC channels.


M-lambienairn-BBC_Three_Hero M-Lambienairn-BBC2_Hero M-Lambienairn-Channel4_logo M-lambienairn-FIFA_Hero

-We were meant to meet Martin Lambie-Nairn in a few weeks – one of the most influential Graphic Designers in the UK. I hadn’t heard of him before now, but I definitely know his work. I LOVED the “three is the magic number” character for BBC 3. There is a massive variety of work that he, along with his company, has produced. Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled, but there may be a chance in the future.



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