Social Media Notes – African Supplies

I had a meeting with African Supplies about what social media they should get involved in. They wanted research on the “mechanics” of each main site, and what value they would get out of making an account, so I briefly wrote down some notes to show them, however I was ill the day they had the meeting, but sent it through via email.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 21.48.41


“Create a Facebook Page to build a closer relationship with your audience and customers.”

Creating a page (LIKES): promote the page through other means of media. Pay for promotions and advertisements (pop ups at the side of Facebook).

Create an account (ADDING “FRIENDS”): Add people and people add you, more likely to promote the “x amount of likes” because people will see it and share it.

Can upload images, videos, write statuses, can now add emotions “feeling accomplished” etc. and can add places.

Links to twitter / Hashtags.


140 characters per tweet.  Informal. Links to pictures and videos.

More for statements and following celebrities…

People have to follow you to see things.


Sign up with facebook or an email address.

Blog – image “pinboard” and you get “likes” and shares (similar to facebook). You also have categories as well, like architecture, fashion, sport etc.


Videos – likes and dislikes. Copyright.

Video campaigns.

Anyone can view these.


Images, hashtags, on a phone. Upload straight to facebook and Twitter too. No limit to the caption. Photography based.


I don’t think they were quite grasping the concept. I was trying to explain how to do things, like create a page on Facebook, whereas Simon and the others were talking about the values and trying to understand more than what these social media sites are for really.


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