Richard Zhuk


Richard (past student) came in to give us a live brief. He is currently working for a company called Mesh in London. They wanted scamps for ideas for a collaboration with Vanish and the World Cup 2014. There was no budget and he wanted an array of ideas from experiential advertising, to in-store POS, to TV ads.


Today we presented our Vanish brief to MESH – a branding company in Covent Garden. We’d been working on this for about 3 weeks (as well as working on other projects). The final requirements were to produce a number of “scamps” a.k.a rough layouts/visuals.

We had a brief tour of the studio by Richard (our guest speaker and ex-student from the College) and we finished up in the meeting room where we were presenting. Unfortunately, the two Creative Directors were in a meeting, so we only presented to Richard and another team member who was in charge of the Detol account.

I think the practice presentation on Tuesday, with Monica, was a really good idea because it helped me decide roughly what I wanted to say for each layout. I was third to present. I heard the shakiness in my voice, I couldn’t control it, but I spoke as clearly and as slowly as I could. I’m pleased with how I presented, considering everyone was nervous and it’s just natural!

After everyone has presented, Richard asked for the layouts to be scanned in and emailed to him so he can show them to his Creative Directors, and they will give us feedback. He was very pleased with everyone’s work and so was the account manager who sat in to watch. We then spoke to a team member called Becky who also did scamping, and she showed us her scamps followed by the outcomes of final layouts that the company would send to their clients. They were so detailed – amazing! Overall, it was a really good experience to be able to pitch a live brief to a company like MESH. I really enjoyed it (despite the nerves) and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

After we left MESH, we went around Covent Garden, to places like London Graphic Centre, the Magma bookstores and then on to Leicester Square. By this time we didn’t have any time to go anywhere else, so I will be going back to London this Saturday to go to an exhibition (TBC) and to Notting Hill to see the Jamie Oliver shop for my FMP.

IMG_2030 IMG_2031


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