We were required to research Javier Mariscal before our trip. I really admire his (and his studio’s) work. It’s sketchy but detailed and very vibrant and playful. We saw the large scale prawn with lobster claws one evening as we were walking by the coast. I’ve decided to choose Mariscal as my representation of work – using my own photography to recreate the sketchy landscapes, and I have chosen photographs from Rome and from Lisbon.

Here are my sketches and pages from my sketchbook:


Here are my representations of Lisbon and Rome. It was such a tricky process! As I’m quite used to being a perfectionist when I draw this was a huge challenge to keep it scruffy. I used the lightbox to add colour onto layout paper, then scanned the images in and used my tablet to add the black outlines. It was a very lengthy process. If I had longer to work on it I think it would be much better, but it might also look a bit too refined, so it was probably a good thing that I didn’t take too long on this project.

Lisbon-guide-SIZED Rome-guide-SIZED

Celeste suggested to turn them into book covers for guides. I did a rough copy for what they could look like, but they are already sized correctly for this format.

Lisbon-Guide-Text Rome-Guide-Text


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