Park Guell

I really enjoyed visiting Park Guell. The section that you had to pay to get into was much smaller than I imagined though. The walk up to the park was beautiful but tiring! I was able to use my 55-300mm lens very well at that height too which was great. It was well worth visiting, very inspirational, especially as I researched Gaudi for GCSE Art, so it was a lot of fun to re-cap it and actually see his work in person.

IMG_0930 IMG_0931


Sagrada Familia

I loved the Sagrada Familia. It was so much bigger on the inside! It’s also mind-blowing to know they are STILL working on it as well. I’d love to come back and see it when it’s finished.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to go up to the towers. But the trip was still absolutely worth it to see the inside. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. The sunshine through the stained glass was amazing as well – it definitely did it justice.


IMG_0932 IMG_0933


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