Film Stills

The aim of the task was to create a short video or 3+ stills in the style of a film genre we had researched (film noire, B-movie, German expressionism etc.) and respond to our surroundings whether we were in Barcelona or in contextual week back in England.

This is our group presentation for the project:

In reaction to the 200 year old building where we were staying, we decided to create 5 different stills based (originally) on B’movies style.


  • This first image we can see is of our front door.
  • We thought the frosted glass door would give a spooky effect.
  • This picture was totally improvised answering the brief as we responded to our environment. 

Hand on bar

  • This next still is the corridor from the front door to the winding staircase.
  • We continued with the “hand” theme and this shot depicts a civilian exploring the demonic house.


  • While exploring the kitchen of the house we found ropes under the sink. In reaction to this, we made a noose and hung it from the 3rd floor.
  • Taking shots from different angles we decided that this one would suit best, mainly because it showed the spooky/weird staircase in the background.

hands hanging out

  • In this 4th picture we noticed an eeriness that was created by the iron bars situated within what can only be described as a window.
  • We felt the addition of arms and hands would work well within our theme.


  • We used a fixed point of light to add an effective shadow to the hands, using the “window” in one of our rooms.
  • (This image was improvised due to alcohol!)

I think this task was quite tricky as we only had supplies that were in the house, there were hardly any shops nearby, but I do think we responded really well to our surroundings – the 200 year old building we were staying in, up about 8 flights of stairs. To be honest, I think this could have gone better. The photographs did come out well, but we were quite indecisive and had to all agree in the end. We realised that the theme didn’t particularly reflect B-Movie style in the end. If anything, I would have said it was leaning more towards German expressionist with the contrast in light and dark. But, had we known that when we were taking the shots we would have edited them to give a more contrasting effect.


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