Research Newspaper

I decided to design an eight page newspaper, to present my research for my Final Major Project. It stemmed from this article: “20 of your tales of vegetarian woe”

“What do vegetarians eat in a country where refusing meat is regarded as a sign of madness? A Magazine feature published last week raised this question, and there was a huge response from readers.

It might be tomato pasta. Again. Or salad. Plain rice. Or vegetable stew… with lumps of chicken to pick out. For the BBC’s Dany Mitzman in Bologna, Italy – where vegetarianism is seen as an exotic illness – it’s tagliatelle with mushrooms. Here is a selection of tales from our vegetarian readers trying to find meat-free options when far from home.”

“Lucy, Glasgow: In Cuba, a very helpful restaurateur bent over backwards when I told him, “soy vegetariano”. However, when he served me my plate of crisps, grilled vegetables, beans and rice, he proclaimed: “But you cannot be a vegetarian – you’re not skinny!”

I also really liked Cranks’ (vegetarian company) website – I loved their moving logo as you scroll down, I love the colours and the crispness of their images. It comes together really well.


Here are a few sample pages from my newspaper. I’m really pleased with the outcome and I hope it compliments the rest of my project by supporting the reasons behind my FMP:

Proper-Size-Outlines Proper-Size-Outlines3 Proper-Size-Outlines4 Proper-Size-Outlines6




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