Barcelona was a thoroughly interesting and insightful trip. Seeing the Picasso Museum was definitely a highlight, although a lot of the work on display were not famous pieces, which was a little disappointing.


The Sagrada Familia was also a huge highlight. Inside the building was so inspiring, especially knowing it still wasn’t finished yet, and seeing Gaudi’s work being continued even now. Barcelona is a very beautiful town and has a lot of design inspiration.


I loved researching Mariscal and I’m very pleased with my response – it’s nothing like I’ve done before. It made me think outside the box and relax when doing illustration, which is a great way to work.



The film project was a little disappointing. Working in a group this time proved to be a little difficult and I think if we had more time to analyse the brief we would have had more time to prepare something. However, I think we responded really well with our surroundings, which was 50% of the brief. If I had to re-do the project I would research the film genres in more detail and prepare better by getting props involved to enhance interest.

baba Hand on bar ropehands hanging out  square

Jutta Rikola – Response

I’m fairly pleased with my response to Jutta Rikola. However, I think if I had taken the time to hand draw the image, it would have come out better. It developed my skills in Photoshop for re-interpreting an image and specific techniques though, and it’s a great way to practice.




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