D&AD New Blood Exhibition (July 2013)

This exhibition was insightful. It showcases 2nd and 3rd year students’ work, mainly UK based. I liked that it was quite easy to compare students’ chosen pieces and see the level of ‘execution’, I should say!

I took quite a few pictures, but i’ll upload some of my favourites:

I really liked this piece. Ice lollies are obviously known for being quite sweet and tasty, not necessarily associated with being a ‘healthy snack’, and this advert has been photographed beautifully to the extent that this “smoothie”-looking ice cream actually looks rather delicious (and the Innocent company has already done very well by creating a ‘health conscious’ outlook)!

This caught my eye due to the sheer amount of detail. She (I know it was a she, I just can’t remember her name!) must have spent so much time on this piece, it looks perfect. I love the contrast between the white/turquoise background and the dark shadows that the cut out text has created.

I liked the multiple dimensions of this piece, and the shadow effect from the cuts in each letter (different perspectives show different words – unfortunately I didn’t take a picture from the other angle!)

I really liked the sensitivity of this photo. A simple strap line paired with a soft black and white image – very classical.

This is amazing! It’s so precise and the cream casing just brings out the sharp edges and contrasting the maroon circular shape in the centre.

Although there are some minor changes in the final outcome, I find the precision and detailing to be awesome.

I really liked the feminine pattern used for this fashion shoot, mixing it with harsh, pointy shapes and contrasting them with the natural curves of the girl.

I liked this, simply for how much detail there was and the precision.

I loved this. It reminded me of my History of Fonts page in my Typography Book brief. This person has used lettering and symbols and added humour and great choices of colour.

I liked the simplicity of this piece. At first glance it took me a second to realise that they were girls shoes, and I loved the stance they’d been photographed in.

I loved these. The deer looked very detailed with the ‘net’ effect – like it’s been formed technologically. And the cat looks very sweet and calm. The contrast of the white outlines and the soft yellow glow works really well together.

I think the exhibition was very useful. It definitely gave me inspiration and almost a goal/level to achieve by the end of my second, or even third year.

IMG_2032 IMG_2033 IMG_2034 IMG_2035 IMG_2036 IMG_2037


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