Presentation Reviews


Starpack – Heinz Brief  |  YCN – Nescafe Azera  |  Work Based Learning – “Cockernhoe Village Fate” Poster  |  FMP?

Feedback: Stand up, don’t need FMP, handouts – scan in and put on presentation, bullet points, project your voice, explain Starpack, tweak images. Make it more succinct. Add marker visuals??


“Finding my feet”  |  YCN – Boost  |  Visual Arts Gallery Logo  |  Work Experience – R.S Signs  |  “My Future”

Feedback: Use animation somewhere in your presentation, show more YCN slides, include Starpack and explain re-branding (over Summer) – Future.


MESH  |  Cockernhoe  |  4:01 Show

Feedback: Like all three together. Show some of the video, add images/screen shots, good choice of topics.


Starpack  |  Work Placement  |  Portfolio

Feedback: Ran a little long, don’t say every quote – summarise. Did I miss out Benson Group? Add marker visuals?


MESH  |  Starpack  |  YCN  |  Freelance (book cover)

Feedback: Over run, needs to summarise – have much more information on the slides. Key layouts.


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