James Polley


James (past student) came in to speak to us about about our careers in general, the interview process, to be confident, tenacious and individual. He recommended freelance work, and to go the extra mile in presenting work etc. He was very influential and works for a luxury packaging company now so he’s definitely become successful.



Rachel only passed last year, so she came in to show her CV and how she got her first job. She explained what sort of questions were asked and that she had to do a mac test – re-creating an image to see what her skills were like. All interviews are different so it’s just about practice.

Billie-Jean (Sam Piyasena)


Sam came in to speak to us about his work and that he uses multiple disciplines for commissioned work. His work is varied and interesting. Some work was absolutely amazing, however the work towards the end got a bit weird! He also explained that he created a new name in order to get more work and brand himself which was an interesting technique.

Peter Kennard


We were all required to go to the Peter Kennard talk. He’s done some very influential work. Especially the political collages he had done (Tony Blair image and the gas mask image) as we had a talk on these from Mark in our first year. His work was quite inspiring, but also very controversial. He also had a nice personality.

IMG_0599   IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0604 IMG_0605  IMG_0607



Clearhead are a company in Luton. It started with two students who aspired to start their own business. To be quite honest, they seemed quite arrogant. That might work for them, but I didn’t exactly agree with a few things they said. They seemed a bit too sure of themselves. They firstly said that they haven’t said no to any work that came their way, yet they said don’t desperately apply for jobs. They were obsessed with what goes on social media as well. But, in my opinion, your social life is not imperative to your work life, you can be 100% dedicated to your career but you also deserve a social life too. It’s just the balance. And if you really want a job you will apply for a hell of a lot of jobs and may not necessarily get the time to fully research each individual company.

Chris Gilvan-Cartwright


I loved Chris. He was so enthusiastic and loved what he did. His work was so inspiring and detailed, yet quirky and fun at the same time. I just LOVED that his response to the question “what have you done this for?” or “what does this mean?” is “I don’t know”! He does it because he can and he wants to, and I love that mentality towards his work. He was so fun and so interesting to listen to.

IMG_1292 IMG_1303 IMG_1300 IMG_1297 IMG_1294


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