CV & Business Cards/Corporate ID

This was my logo, which was taken from a re-branding project I did over Summer. I liked it to start off with, but then realised it doesn’t reflect me as a person. I’m not the type to brag about myself like “tested, approved and highly recommended” although it is witty, which is one aspect of design I really like.


I really want to reflect colour in my portfolio and CV/business card. I made one CV with the logo, and one with details of colour.

1 2

I like both layouts, but I would like to develop the colour one in more depth over Summer and my logo/business card will have the same effect.

There was a really useful link on BREO for inspiration on business cards:


Business-Card-01 Business-Card-02

I like the colour, but I would like to change the font (my name) and add something on the front that compliments the fact that I am a graphic designer rather than just my initial. It’s a good starting point though. I would also like to experiment drawing out my own logo and scanning it in.


As I was printing with moo.com, I wanted to add more than one design:

Geo-Card-1-02 Geo-Card-2-02 Geo-Card-3-02  Geo-Card-4-02

I’m really pleased with the design. I think it’s quite on-trend and the 3-D effect makes you look twice at the card. However, the reverse has to be the same so I kept the mint colour consistent:


I then designed my CV around my business card. I already had a previous CV from last year, so I just updated it, added the Starpack award and changed the layout:


I made amendments to my CV following a discussion with Monica’s sister, who is trained in CV writing and the whole interview process. She told me to bullet point more sections, make the CV specific when applying for jobs and to place the most important things at the top.


Corporate ID

Comp Slip:







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