This is my portfolio for the whole of the second year. I think I’ve developed a good body of work this year and it will give me a chance to continue developing my work over Summer. I like the variation in my work: book covers, brand guidelines, scamps/layouts, packaging and photography. I would really like to continue developing my photography over Summer and the third year.

Barcelona-Responses-01 First-Year-Book-01 Gallery-Page-01 MESH-01 MESH-02 Portfolio-Page-RNLI-01 Rynchene-01 Starpack-01 Starpack-02 Starpack-03 WBL-Page-01 WBL-Page-02 YCN-Illustrator-01 YCN-Illustrator-02


The final project was my FMP. I designed quite a few boards, so I will have to decide on a few to put in my portfolio, and put the rest in a book. I’m really pleased with the outcome of my FMP and it gave me another chance to experiment with photography.

Barbecue-Rub-01 Blog-01 Book-Covers-01 Brand-Guidelines-01 Direct-Mail-01 Final-Matchbox-Net-BIGGER-01 Herbivore-Recipe-Book-01 Kitchen-Accessories-01 Logo-01 Photography-01


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