Unit Summary – 16/5/14



Over the past academic year I have definitely grown as a designer. Each unit has helped me develop in different ways (Art 001-2, Art 013-2, Art 014-2). Looking back and focussing on the contextual unit however:

-Studying different artists has developed my skills and inspiration as a designer and expanded my knowledge on contextual subjects, such as art history and the links in disciplines throughout the design world.

-Studying film genres and films themselves has really opened my eyes to how they are also connected to the art world, and it’s influences across the world. I was fairly unaware of the different genres until this year and it will make me look at films in a different light/analyse them with greater context.

-The seminars introduced me to these films and artists and they were thoroughly enjoyable to listen to and learn from over the past few months. I especially liked the semiotics seminar as it’s something that you wouldn’t normally notice in every day life and is a subconscious concept.

-Barcelona was incredible. I learnt a lot more and enjoyed it more than the Lisbon trip last year. I think that was due to having the experiences of last year to consider for this year’s trip. I love the work of Mariscal and would like to continue using their techniques as inspiration. And I will always remember the Sagrada Familia, the colours and the size were so overwhelming and beautiful.

-The other two units have made me progress massively as well. In Art 013-2, my Starpack design won silver which I am so pleased about, I worked so hard on it and am looking forward to putting it on my CV. In Art 014-2, I have really developed my photography for my FMP and I’m really looking forward to continuing that in the third year.

Overall, I have enjoyed this academic year and I will hopefully continue learning and developing the skills learnt from this year and use them for my final year.

Natasha Woodbridge.


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